Leaves & Weaves

Mountains and hills enamoured with cool breezes, low-lying valleys overflowing with fertility. From the Gangetic delta eastwards to the Brahmaputra valley and on up to the highlands, this majestic landscape inspires our kitchen to set before our guests  the best of our region. As the Ganga and Brahmaputra flow down from the Himalayas cutting and thrashing to create mineral rich soils to deposit at their floodplains and deltas, the monsoons water the highlands of this region thereby creating a unique eco-system in our glistening hills. All these combinations work to ensure that your plate is filled with fresh and diverse produce that heighten your gastronomic experience.

Bengali cuisine luscious and mature, Assamese eclectic and spirited  and the cuisine of the blue hills of the North East varying from ageless vibrancy to modern ingenuity and delicate pragmatism all work on your palate in incredibly multifarious ways.

Ever since the arrival of Chinese migrants since the 1780s in Kolkata, Chinese cuisine gained its foothold and proceeded to enter the region where it found itself lustily lapped up by the people, forever endearing itself and in turn being moulded by the region to form a cuisine entirely its own.

As we seek to serve up to you the best the region has to offer, we have taken the responsibility to source products from the region itself and we strive to completely shun processed or canned foods or artificial seasoning (MSG).